Is there a single force behind social chaos? 

Our cities didn’t become lawless battlegrounds ruled by criminal gangs without a reason.  Nor did drugs travel by themselves from the streets to our grade schools.

There have to be reasons why today’s high school graduate can’t read or find his own city on the map.  Or why teenage pregnancies are at an all time high.  Why divorces continue to mount and families shatter.  Why feeling good is better than doing good.  And why morality is considered out of date.

None of it just happened.

Earlier last century the world took a wrong turn.  And since then something has been eating at the foundations of our culture.  This something has infiltrated every aspect of our lives – our schools, our courts, our homes – without most of us even knowing it.

It has been staring us in the face and we haven’t seen it.

Psychiatry, the Ultimate Betrayal tracks this destructive force from its historical beginnings, lays bare its web of influence and reveals the actions we must take to survive was a society.

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