The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM) is a 943 page listing of 374 so-called mental “disorders.” Psychiatrists use it like a slick, four pound debit card they insert into the country’s insurance systems daily to withdraw millions of dollars in payments for bogus diagnoses.

It also acts as their entrée into the world of pharmaceutical grants and weekend junkets to Cancun paid for by Big Pharma. A small price to pay for the $330 billion dollars Big Pharma gross every year as revenue from the prescriptions written for their psychiatric drugs.

But that DSM debit card is a counterfeit.

Those “diagnoses” are all based on these hoaxes:

  • Any human behavior — anything from fear of spiders to nightmares — can be labeled a “mental illness.”
  • A “chemical imbalance” in the brain can be the cause of a mental disorder
  • A person can be diagnosed for any one of these disorders without any scientific or medical testing

The truth, however, is:

Per the DSM itself “no definition adequately specifies precise boundaries for the concept of mental disorder.” Even the current Editor-in-Chief of the DSM-IV, Dr. Allen Frances, states that “There is no definition of a mental disorder. It’s bull****. I mean, you just can’t define it.”
There is no objective test, scientific or medical, to identify any mental disorder
There is also no scientific proof to confirm a chemical imbalance in the brain. In fact, there are a number of tests that show that there is no such thing as a chemical imbalance
However, if a person can be “diagnosed” into one of the DSM mental disorder categories – bogus as they are – an insurance company can be billed for the visit and a prescription can be written…all in the matter of ten or fifteen minutes.

The more patients seen, the more money a shrink makes. Psychiatry has become a factory.

It’s not help.

Insurance pays out $100 billion dollars per year to psychiatrists based on these instant “diagnoses.” The more prescriptions a psychiatrist writes, the more customers he has for life and the more Big Pharma rewards him with research grants and junkets.

Not surprisingly, more than half the psychiatrists deciding these “disorders” to list in the current DSM had personal financial ties to pharmaceutical companies. 600 million prescriptions for psychiatric drugs are written each year. That’s the $330 billion.

Horrifyingly, forty-two thousand deaths occur each year because of these psychiatric drugs.

What are labeled as side effects of these hideous drugs are, in truth, the actual effects: suicidal tendencies, homicidal tendencies, failed livers and a host of other debilitating physical conditions.

In other words, on top of every profit hungry diagnosis from the DSM, the drugs themselves are lethal. Even if you don’t die from them, you’re turned into a zombie.

Either way, the cure is worse than the drummed up “disease.”

You can do something about this.

Start by finding out more about this elaborate pseudoscientific sham that fills the tainted coffers of psychiatry and Big Pharma. View the new documentary DVD, Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Psychiatry’s Deadliest Scam.

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